November NFT Gems

In this article, we will be looking at future blue chip contenders, to the likes of Crypto Punks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, CyberKongz and Art Block Curated (apologies if I have missed your favourites).

As of lately, the NFT market has become over saturated, with projects of various quality, however, today we will be looking at projects bringing real difference, utility and foresight into the current market, despite the hype surrounding the space.

It is also not a secret that many have been looking to exit projects ahead of an expected crypto bull run. So what should we be looking to add to our collection during an NFT bear?

Photo by Marten Newhall on Unsplash

1. The Golden Frog DAO

It would be a miss to start with any project, other than The Golden Frog DAO. You may ask — why Frogs? For me, a key element to any successful and strong project is the community, and the team behind the vision. The Golden Frog DAO started as a result of Sad Frogs District, which saw many challenges, from the initial crazy mint and almost instant sellout (where I lost some ETH in the process), to a Digital Millennium Copyright Act claim, filed by Matt Furie. The team went as far as to re-make the whole collection, to comply with the requests outlined. So, how is this project different to other projects out there?

Well, the project is designed as a DAO from ground up, where we voted on the individuals that we trust to bring the vision to life. Individuals that have led the fight since the inception of frogs.

The community was not wrong — in the short two weeks, the delivery team has put together a game plan and released some amazing concept artwork in the process, the flagship Voxel NFT collection, which will initially be a limited run of 250 voxels for most active community members, followed by a public mint of 1,250 Voxels valued at 0.05 ETH. Percentage of proceeds from the public mint and secondary market will fund the DAO wallet, which will later be used to fund DAO asset acquisition.

Voxel Concept

Key features of Voxels, as outlined in the initial Road Map, will be:

  • Sandbox compliant avatar
  • Entitlement to a 2:1 (1:1 for public sale) DAO vote
  • Acts as a mint pass for any future GFDAO collection releases

To add to the list benefits, the team has also recently posted concept artwork of Genesis Frog collection in the DAO forum, which received an extremely positive feedback — doesn’t everyone love memes? To add to meme goodness, 100% of proceeds will go to the DAO wallet to fund future activities.

I highly recommend you catch this gem in the making nice and early! Will I give you any investment predictions — no. But will I introduce a community that we have come to love over the last 4 months — absolutely yes.



2. Genetic Chain

I will begin by saying that a lot of early members, including myself, stumbled upon Genetic Chain by accident — thanks to a wild goose chase carefully orchestrated by none other than ZssBecker and EllioTrades, both quite prominent crypto & NFT gurus, for an exclusive Neo Tokyo Identities free mint. And while I, like many others, have missed out on Neo Tokyo, have caught a gem in the making.

So, what is Genetic Chain about? Acidburn, the project founder (who also runs an established art gallery under a name of Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY) has summarised the concept in the very first Discord announcement in early September:

So the big question…what is Genetic Chain?

GC is a project we have been working on since the beginning of the year that we are really proud of. It came from a place of us wanting to be a part of the process even if it’s just a little bit more.

With that in mind, our partners at Electronic Dreams have built a Dapp that allows on-chain user interaction post mint and we are now weeks away from releasing it to you guys!

To start off the program, we are working with an amazing stable of gen-art artists who are essentially forming a partnership with the minter by allowing them to change a trait(s) to the random, fun output they receive.

For example, our first release Spiral by @papaver , which is being released on September 24th (via ETH), allows the user to change the speed of the output. You can speed it up, slow it down, or stop it completely. All the other traits are randomly generated but the speed you control.

And the beauty of it all…you can save it right to the chain. Meaning that when looking at your collection on OpenSea or somewhere, it will reflect the speed that you changed.

I have been lucky to mint two Spiral Frequencies, as part of the Founders Discord group, which are now acting as a mint pass for future projects!:

You really need to see these things in action, especially once altered through the DApp! In addition, a lucky few have minted the Rainbow spirals, which come with their own benefits, and are currently trading at 3.5 ETH, all for a free mint!

In the last two months, the team has released sneak peeks for the second drop, “Ikebana” by Jento. The team has also released Founder, Chain Gang & Geneticists passes, which will provide further utility upon announcement of any future Genetic Chain artists. These have been designed by Pablo Olivera, Raid71 and John Guydo respectively.

Chain Gang Passes

Based on volume traded, as well as floor price, we can establish that the demand is higher than supply, which is expected to increase once the passes’ utility is truly put to test.

To top it all of, Acidburn in Discord has announced that a physical gallery build-out will begin next month. If I may speculate, could the Spiral Frequencies and all three passes have some further use?

While this project may seem quite mysterious — it is the absolute opposite. There are plenty of sneak peeks (Crusties, Continuum, Tiny Ghosts, Loomways, etc), as well as mod team updates, keeping the NFT community that does not seem to sleep on edge at all times, which I absolutely love. I would hate for you to miss out on amazing art and meeting like minded people!




3. Billionaire Coyote Cartel

Billionaire Coyote Cartel

Another PFP/utility project, which encompasses all the right fundamentals is Billionaire Coyote Cartel. Let’s look at some of the major selling points:

  • Community driven project with team members shared across another amazing utility driven NFT project, Gambling Apes
  • Passive income — Mint proceeds, as well as secondary sales, fund a vault (set up on — which will include many blue chip projects — even prior to launch, the team has already acquired a BAYC! The vault will then be fractionalized into $BCC tokens, that are received by staking Coyotes on project’s platform. Once a year, the vault will be liquidated, with proceeds going to the community, where $BCC token can be swapped directly for $ETH! 50% of the sale will be used to buy up next year’s vault.
  • Tokenomics — do I need to say anything here?:
Coyote’s Tokenomics
  • Launchpad which will assist new NFT projects hit the ground running, receiving project’s NFTs into the vault as a token of appreciation.
  • Giveaways and competitions
  • Current ambassadors — Sueco the Child, Nyjah Huston, Sean O’Malley, Lil Pump & DJ Scheme — has any other project achieved this ahead of launch?

The Discord channel, shared below, is also riddled with Announcements, Abous Us, Our Values, Road Map, tokenomics, previews, ideas and many more, which are updated hourly! Refreshing to see such an active and transparent dev & mod team, as well as Julian, project founder, who has doxxed himself on project’s Twitter page.

Very excited for the future of this project and must admit, have acquired three pieces for my personal collection!






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Please note the above are my personal views and are not to be taken as financial advice.



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