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Game prediction betting pioneer in the making?

Today we will take a deep look at our newest partner — UpOnly. Why do we believe UpOnly has what it takes to be the king of prediction betting and gaming/metaverse analytics?

1. Concept

The UpOnly Play2Earn Data Directory

UpOnly’s main goal is to build the industry’s first live data directory for all Play-to-Earn crypto gaming. The data directory will provide insights into the market key metrics, such as number of gamers, trading volume for in-game assets, upcoming events and other relevant statistics, similar to a sneak peek below.

UpOnly will also be a first of a kind prediction platform, built on Polygon (yes, gas fees will not cost hundreds of dollars!). The platform will allow gaming match spectators to place prediction based bets on the outcome of the game and earn platform’s native $UPO token. We have seen a similar feature from PancakeSwap, where UP/DOWN bets can be placed for $BNB value, however, gaming adds an element of emotion, making betting for your favourite team or player fun. $UPO token will encompass any betting on the platform, making the token itself a very crucial component to the protocol. Users can rely on UpOnly’s data directory to predict the outcome of events accurately.

The UpOnly Metaverse Directory

To capture another sector, the UpOnly metaverse directory will be reliable one-stop solution for finding all metaverse data. It delivers a perfect overview of all the metaverses that exist and the scope of the ecosystem built around each of them. For each Metaverse, users can view all digital land purchases, land and goods that are available for sale, the level of liquidity, users, interactions, and developers who are building infrastructure within the space. Users can get real-time insights into Metaverse data in a very simple way through UpOnly. This rare overview enables them to make confident decisions regarding metaverse actions and purchases. Don’t mistake this for old giants like OpenSea!

2. Roadmap

UpOnly’s idea started to come to fruition in the early months of 2021. The key team was put together shortly, completing the website and associated documentation, which will see us in many years ahead.

Currently, we are looking at the following to finish off 2021:

  • Token sale
  • Exchange listings
  • Data analytics beta platform release
  • Native staking on the beta platform

For 2022 the team has planned:

  • Live predictions and earning model
  • Players sponsoring
  • Metaverse marketplace and escrow

We appreciate projects with swift completion timeframes.

3. Team & Supporters

The UpOnly team is led by CEO Natthapol Assarasakan. Natthapol brings in years of experience having worked with several large scale enterprises to improve operational costs by implementing DLT solutions. Web3 development and smart contracts knowledge is another strong suit. The team is also made up of other 10 key members, that share skills across business, blockchain & platform development, marketing and project advisory. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The UpOnly team does not fall short on partners & advisors in the industry, having formed advisory & strategic partnerships with big names, such as Polygon, Nakamoto Games, Roseon Finance, CSP DAO and many others, including Atesis Capital. Perhaps there is also a CEX involved, but you will have to wait to find out!

For launchpads, the team has chosen to go with:

  • OxBull
  • MoonStarter
  • Synapse Network

We tend to see similar names pop up across several breathtaking projects, which leads us to believe UpOnly is in very good hands!

4. Tokenomics

It goes without saying that for a project to be a successful one, a clear funding schedule needs to be implemented — from selective launchpad partners, to correct vesting for investors that would ensure the underlying token keeps appreciating with the project itself, luring the investors and users in. UpOnly has put together a game plan, covering all parties involved.

Total supply of $UPO tokens — 160,000,000

Fundraising tokens — 56,000,000

  • Angel round with 10,000,000 tokens @ $0.1
  • Seed round with 12,500,000 tokens @ $0.12
  • Private round with 15,000,000 tokens @ $0.14
  • Private round 2 with 17,500,000 tokens @ $0.16
  • IDO round with 1,000,000 tokens @ $0.16 (note such a small spread from seed to Public 2/IDO round of only $0.04!)

Game and earn reserve — 30,000,000

Game and earn prediction fund — 10,000,000

Business and player ads — 12,500,000

Operational reserves — 20,000,000

Team and advisors — 30,000,000

Community incentives — 1,500,000

With a TGE unlock of 3,250,500 $UPO tokens, the initial market cap is only $520,000! Wouldn’t it be nice to catch this one early?

Final Words

With blockchain Play 2 Earn gaming models, as well as metaverse projects rising to All Time Highs, it makes perfect sense for there to be a blockchain predictions betting protocol that will capture all gaming & metaverse projects in one bucket. UpOnly will bring big opportunities for projects, as well as users, to be able to capitalise on the accurate analytical decisions made and we are most certainly looking forward to watching UpOnly pioneer the space.





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Please note the above are our views and are not to be taken as financial or investment advice.



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