Atesis Capital X Tap Fantasy

Tap Fantasy — amazing art or something more?

Let’s review below why Atesis Capital believes Tap Fantasy to be a serious contender for a top gaming project backed by the art of blockchain!

1. Concept

First and foremost, it is important to highlight that Tap Fantasy will combine Axie Infinity Play To Earn element and Roblox’s Design developer element (which is hard to come by!). What this will mean for the project is that the community (gamers and builders) will be engaged to either play or build the game and create an in-game economy. Now onto the fun stuff.

Artwork & Gameplay

Tap Fantasy features anime focused art, that can be utilised in an open space game environment by fighting against enemies, completing missions and acquiring valuable in-game assets.

All in-game assets will come with 3D models to be used in-game:

Personalised NFT Skins System

There will be 200+ NFT skins available at game launch, each vibrant with colours. These skins include in-game frames, 3D models, as well as voiceovers by well-known Japanese voice actors.

Additionally, the players will be able to use $TAP token to upgrade the NFTs, which improves combat efficiency of treasure hunting.


Tap Fantasy will offer an NFT trading marketplace that will allow players to upload and mint their own fan art (avatars, skins, wallpapers) and sell, creating an in-game economy supported by players. Other Tap Fantasy assets will also be available for trading — land, skins, characters.

Cities & Land plots

Players will be able to earn income by building their own commercial buildings on any NFT land that they own. For example, a landowner can:

  • Restore strength of other characters by opening a coffee shop
  • Customise characters by opening a beauty salon
  • Build bars to enable parties/social activities
  • Setup equipment shops to assist players with upgrading equipment
  • Setup gyms to train character’s combat effectiveness
  • Setup amusement parks to attract game developers
  • The options here are endless!

Players will have all property rights and pricing power for their own businesses, meaning cities and land plots are expected to consume a large number of tokens and resources.

AI Algorithm

Tap Fantasy will include an AI algorithm which will ensure that content is aimed at user acquisition and retention. The AI will allow third party game developers to match user’s needs and provide most value based on interests and hobbies.

2. Roadmap

The team has shared a very detailed roadmap, outlining key timeframes for events such as NFT skin sale, genesis season launch on Binance Smart Chain, cross-chain map & arena launches, land construction system launch & code-free map editor launch and finally, an Ecologic Foundation that will allow developers and designers to participate in the evolution of the project.

We like seeing a project with detailed roadmap, as it provides a clear sense of direction and commitment from the team to deliver.

3. Team & Supporters

Realistically, the team running this project deserves a separate article, however, we will keep it short and sweet here. Key project team members are:

  • Robert Rankin (Co-Founder & CMO) — Data, AI and blockchain specialist with management experience
  • David Atnip (Strategic Compliance Director) — Compliance and asset management experience working with Prometheus & Blockford Trust
  • William (Economist)
  • Vincent Dubois (Game Producer) — we have been lucky to see some behind the scenes gameplay, and it’s great
  • Chris (Music Designer) — check out YouTube trailer shared below
  • Sherry (Art Designer) — the art shared above speaks for itself!

The Tap Fantasy team began developing HTML5 games back in 2017. Where this project shines is the team’s previous project “TapTap Fantasy” which was launched successfully in 2019 and became one of the most popular HTML5 games in Japan. Additionally, after Facebook’s Instant Games launch in April 2021, TapTap Fantasy become of the most popular adventure and role playing games. More than 20 million users worldwide were on boarded by end of September 2021!

The project is also backed by some known names, such as Gamestarter, Titans Ventures, NFTb/labs, TrustPad, Cocos and many others, which gives us confidence that the vision is shared with other big names in the industry.

4. Tokenomics

As you may have seen in the previous articles, what we find crucial for any project is the token loop introduced to keep the trading token relevant to the game itself. After all, a demand for the token is required to ensure a project is trending and stays relevant. What the team has done here is sensational:

  1. $GOLD — In-game USDT based stable coin

The $GOLD token will allow for purchase of equipment, energy and hunting tickets and can be easily swapped for the $TAP governance token, allowing for in-game liquidity using a built-in DEX.

2. $TAP — Governance token

The $TAP token will allow for purchase of NFT skins, lands, buildings, improvement of combat effectiveness and to compete in the cross-chain arenas. Overall, the main purpose of the $TAP token is to capture NFT trading.

We see further commitment from the team here as they will not have any tokens unlocked until 6 months post TGE.

Final Words

From the concept to team and artwork, we believe Tap Fantasy has what it takes to become one of the key players in blockchain gaming, which should also see some adoption from the exponential power of blockchain technology.

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Please note the above are our personal views and are not to be taken as financial or investment advice.



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