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Upcoming king of blockchain 3D MMORPG gaming?

Today we will be looking at how Sovi Universe (Souni) ticks all the right boxes for us to become the next big 3D MMORPG game supported by Binance Smart Chain (for those fast transactions & low gas fees).

1. Concept

Sovi Universe is a 3D MMORPG game, where players can come together for a variety of battle modes, including:

  • PVE — Main storyline, Adventure gameplay, Hero challenges and missions, which provide players with in-game rewards
  • PVP — Raid & Loot (Where thousands of users can join forces to beat world monsters in real-time), Arena, Guild Wars, Island Battles, where successful fights will reward participants with NFTs (that can be sold on open market for $SON) and $SON, the main in-game token.

Apart from the game modes, Souni is filled with a variety of in-game features and upgrades:


There are five available professions of characters to choose from:

  • Harold, the Knight
  • Maria, the Priest
  • Lucinda, the Mage
  • Maria, the Lucifer
  • Ark I, the Shooter

Each profession will have its unique talents and skills and more importantly, players will be able to combine different characters in-game for various strategies to take down monsters.


There are over 200 in-game characters to suit everyone’s style, with six qualities and five attributes. The character are NFTs, meaning they will be tradeable on a marketplace, with new characters coming out every season.

Then, we also have “Promotions”, similar to what we see with the most popular existing games, such as levelling up, promoting stars, improving skills, promoting quality, and costumes.


Apart from characters, the team is also introducing equipment. There are over 1000 various equipment items spanning across 6 types — weapon, helmet, armour, boot, gloves & necklaces. These items will also have associated rarity levels to them — common, rare, epic, legendary & mythic.

The key feature to highlight here is that equipment will be minted as NFTs, meaning they are tradeable on the marketplace, just like the characters themselves! In order to create the equipment, players will need to use in-game fragments & $SON token, as well as promote/enhance using in-game items and another token — $SRC (in-game stable coin pegged currency).


Last but not least, the characters will be able to equip various costumes (yes, also NFTs), which will promote certain attributes. Once again, the costumes will be tradeable on the marketplace and can initially be minted using in-game fragments and $SON token.

At the heart of the project is the $SON token, with the following in-game utility:

  • Earned from playing PVP, World Bosses, Arena and Island Occupy
  • Earned from marketplace (NFT sale — characters, equipment & costumes)
  • Used in-game for NFT minting & upgrading
  • Used within marketplace (purchase characters, equipment & costumes)

2. Roadmap/Development Plan

What we like about the team is a clear sense of direction drawn out in the Development Plan presented above. We know that currently the team is on track for an official version to launch in February — only 2 months away! Shortly after, an in-game exchange will be introduced, as well as costumes, pets, PVP modes, leagues, monsters, you name it! In 2023, the team will introduce DAO, meaning every single player can impact the future of the game.

3. Team & Supporters

A key element to any successful project is the team behind the vision. We must admit that the team behind Souni is one of the most professional and experienced teams in the space! While there are many behind the scenes team members, it is important to highlight key decision makers of the project:

Core Team

  • CEO - Mathew Nguyen: 4 years of experience in the cryptocurrency market; Supported some of the government seminars on legal and industrial revolution 4.0; Supported the development of blockchain layer 0, cross-chain, exchange projects; Has a special favorite in the MMORPG series.
  • Technology Director - Ben Nguyen: Ben is a passionate technologist with over 12 years of experience in technology leadership, architecture, and engineering. He has been building business-critical systems for companies in the finance, e-Learning, and eCommerce space. Ben held leadership roles managing regional teams in Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam. Possessing a strong set of interests spanning Blockchain, Agile Project Management, Web and Mobile Development. Ben is constantly learning and bringing innovative solutions to his projects and products.
  • Marketing Director - Bom: Bom had over 6 years of experience in Marketing & Business Development in the Blockchain & Crypto industry; helped a few Coinmarketcap top 100 projects to build Marketing structures, strategy, channels, and community. She is now leading the marketing team with international cultures to target the primary audience and deliver brand awareness worldwide.
  • Designer Director - Dylan Le: Dylan has been in the industry for 5 years as a Graphic Designer and 2 years at Art Director position. Participated in building up images for several brands from different fields and defined art style for many apps & websites, especially on the blockchain platform.


  • Andrius: CEO @ Gamestarter
  • Leo: Founder @ Ventorylabs
  • Pedro: Ambassador
  • Vincent Giap: Co-founder @ D.A.R Labs & Demole

4. Tokenomics

We always begin our tokenomics assessment by outlining whether the project’s token itself has actual utility and thought out token flow. In Souni’s case, the team has been able to outline clearly that in order for the game to function, $SON token must be used. We can see the key elements of token in action below:

In addition to project’s token flow, we also look at vesting schedules and various rounds’ token prices. Something we haven’t seen before is the same token price @ $0.145 for all rounds through the sale, meaning seed/private investors will have no first man advantage over individuals entering the IDO/public fundraising:

Coupled with the above, we have 10% of tokens unlocked at TGE for Private & IGO rounds, meaning initial circulating token supply will be valued at just $333,500! Additionally, the team, advisors and development tokens will be locked for 6 months with none released at TGE, which really shows the commitment.

Final Words

Overall, we believe Souni has what it takes to become an extremely successful project, played by many. From the game itself (and NFTs), to token flow and tokenomics, the team has carefully curated a project that’s destined to succeed. Definitely looking forward to fighting those monsters!




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