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Game Center of the blockchain, backed by Solana?

Why do we think Nest Arcade has the potential to be the next Game Center?

1. Concept

Nest Arcade’s mission is simple — to become the primary “Play to Earn” arcade on the blockchain. Through playing mini games, players around the world will be able to earn without any previous experience. Let’s take a deeper dive.


There are 5 main reasons why Nest Arcade is positioning itself to be the leader of gaming arcade space:

  1. Scalability — each separate project will attract their own users, expanding the Nest ecosystem over many years to come
  2. Ownership — as an NFT holder, you truly own your assets
  3. Rising demand for Play to Earn — time to make $!
  4. Games — 100s of original and indie games
  5. Convenience — Perfect for gaming projects to tap onto Nest’s SDK!


Nest Arcade — Nest Arcade will host hundreds of gameplay possibilities and allows players to easily pick up NFTs and enter decentralised space without any initial onboarding issues. The team has already scheduled the following mini-games — Flappy Chirb, Icy Roads, Meta Wings, Spiky Walls, with many more rolling out in the near future, such as puzzle games, Among Us/Push & Pop derivatives and various other games.

Nest Hub — Nest Hub will allow game developers to publish their P2E games and NFT collections directly on the platform for playing & trading.

Nest Marketplace — Nest Marketplace will allow for trading of playable NFTs that are supported by Nest Arcade.

Play 2 Earn Concept

Nest’s key feature that will promote healthy growth is the ability to earn while playing, receiving the in-game token, $FTH. There are various ways to earn the tradable in-game token:

  • Breeding
  • Renting NFTs
  • Reward programs
  • Staking NFTs (not tokens)
  • Participating in events & referral programs
  • Bug reporting
  • Watching advertisements

The team has also announced that different in-game NFTs will affect gaming experience, as well as performance & earning capabilities, which places great emphasis on collecting the absolute best MetaBirds as that will directly impact how much $FTH you make.

MetaBirds Genesis NFT Collection

Token Holder Benefits

While it is great to offer in-game staking for APY, it has been overused greatly and at times ineffective alone. The team has decided to introduce further utility/incentives for holding the $FTH token:

  • VIP early access to the app
  • VIP early access to the NFT asset drops
  • VIP exclusive founders group
  • First invited to test new features

This strategy will allow the true believers (and not token traders) of the project to benefit the most by participating directly in project development and getting a head start. What a great idea!

Nest SDK

Nest will allow other game developers to “plug” into the Nest ecosystem (Nest Arcade, Nest Marketplace, Nest Hub, Nest Wagers) and host their own games. This streamlines the process for game developers and provides more products for the end user and the ecosystem as a whole.

2. Roadmap

Over the duration of the outlined roadmap, up until Q4 2022, the team will place strong emphasis on project development, community building, marketing campaigns and meaningful partnerships.

The team has been instrumental in actioning key roadmap stepping stones to date and with further NFT drops and partnerships, we definitely see an incoming wave of new users.

For every project, the key pivoting point is the official product launch. With the Alpha Launch coming in Q1 2022, as well as tournaments, SDK & AR integration by end of 2022, we can be confident that Nest Arcade will be utilised.

3. Team & Supporters

The Nest Arcade team is very well equipped with the following members leading the operations:

  • Tye Howatt — Tye is the co-founder, lead product developer and marketing strategist for Nest. Tye specializes in ABX (Account-Based-Marketing) for both B2B and B2C acquisition.
  • Gauthier Michel — Gauthier is the co-founder and lead blockchain developer for Nest. Gauthier holds two masters degrees in applied mathematics and machine learning from École Polytechnique and École Normale Supérieure.
  • Tigran Manukyan — Lead Motion Designer | 2D-3D Animator for Nest.
  • Alex Salicki — Mobile and Web UX/UI Designer
  • Rahul — Business Development Lead — Dutch Crypto Investors
  • Alex — Community Manager — Multi-year experience in Customer care and after-sales
  • Pat — Blockchain Mobile Game Developer — Founder of Eikona.Art
  • Charles Sublette — brand strategy and business development for Nest. Co-Founder of
  • and a strong advisory board, including Dan from Netvrk, Frank from Dutch Crypto Investors and Orion Depp from MVIM/ MV Polkadot VC Fund

The team has also acquired backing from experienced VCs:

For launchpads, the team has decided to go with OxBull, Solster & Trustpad. The launchpad selections will ultimately lead to a lot of eyes watching the project, as well as backing from reputable communities.

Nest Arcade was also recently listed on CoinmarketCap (, ahead of token launch.

4. Tokenomics

The $FTH Feather token that lies in the center of Nest Arcade ecosystem is a Solana blockchain token and will be available on DEXs, similar to Raydium. It will represent in-game currency and will be freely tradeable on Decentralised Exchanges in Q1 2022 and Centralised Exchanges in Q2 2022.

Token volume and flow will be maintained through the use of $FTH token in many in-game activities mentioned in the Concept section of this article, as well as longer vesting schedules shown in the tokenomics sheet below. Overall, there are many incentives to acquire the tokens and at the same time promote the selling of tokens to achieve the true Play 2 Earn title.

While early unlocks will go to the very first backers of the project, we see that the team will not receive any tokens for 9 months post Token Generation Event. This shows team’s commitment to deliver an amazing product, as opposed to cashing out at TGE.

Final Words

We couldn’t be more excited for Nest’s great entrance into the P2E space and highly recommend checking out their white paper here. Who knows, you may even see us flapping away in the arcade with our MetaBirds!

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