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Welcome to the future of AAA blockchain gaming

What makes Moonray a catch in the current P2E gaming diluted market? Find out below!

1. Concept

Moonray is a next generation open world game, featuring squad based PVP battles, Co-op missions and storyline campaigns. Built using latest Unreal Engine, Moonray will boast far — future Sci-Fi surrealism and massive, dense MMO cities for players to hone their skills through various types of battles.

Core Features

  • Unreal Engine 5 development
  • Ethereum & multi-chain deployment
  • Single token economy to consolidate value
  • Fiat on-ramps & fiat only (on-ramp incentives)
  • Free to play, no wallet needed
  • Play and earn (gameplay first)
  • Land monetization (for elite players & guilds)
  • Skill tree progression for variety and user retention
  • Onboarding through third party API


Strategically developed, Moonray will be encompassed by a native ERC-20 token, while also being deployed across various chains for mainstream-friendly distribution. OpenSea being the leading NFT marketplace will also allow for greater visibility through Moonray’s Ethereum NFTs.


Moonray will feature all characters, weapons, fluids, environments, building, companions and exclusive content as NFTs that are useable in-game. Those will be available from Early Access, through to Public launch and will evolve based on player’s progression and kills (not pay to earn!).

With algorithmic generation, you can see just how fascinating these will be!


The project’s main source of revenue will come from hero & skin packs that may be purchased with fiat, further simplifying one’s experience that will allow for a sustainable project which will survive through bull and bear markets, that are typical to crypto ecosystem.

2. Roadmap

Moonray has prepared a timeline for their key project milestones:

  • Q2 2022 — Closed Alpha & Foundation NFT Drop
  • Q3 2022 — Open Beta & Genesis NFT Drop
  • Q3 2022 — Metaverse City tech demo
  • Q4 2022 — Land Sale
  • Q1 2023 and beyond — Public Launch & expansion

We appreciate Moonray’s transparency when it comes to realistic timeframes and going through stages of vigorous testing via alpha & beta tests to ensure that when the game does go live for everyone, the typical bugs and hacks have been ironed out.

Project’s future will entail a multi-city metaverse with factions, unique buildings, partnerships with top NFT artists, in-game marketplace & NFT minting, as well as a mobile mini-game to enjoy on the go.

3. Team & Supporters

Moonray boasts an executive team of experienced, well connected individuals, as well as a blockchain team comprising of 6+ engineers and 5+ open-source advisors. The game development team consists of 40+ in-house developers, artists and writers.

As for the backers and early investors of the project, Moonray has secured some of the best VCs and funds that are sure to see through the project vision and provide valuable expertise.

4. Tokenomics

$MRNY, an ERC-20 token, is a native token to the Moonray ecosystem. The token will be used for various in-game activities, ensuring the token stays relevant, while still providing flexibility with fiat on-ramps.

We often come across projects that have not quite worked out token flow that provides a sustainable economic model, however, as seen below, Moonray aims to develop the best experience for the token holders, as well as platform users:

$MRNY token will be subject to multi year vesting (as seen below), which will allow for further game development, while ensuring the least amount of sell pressure from VCs in the early stages of the project.

Final Words

From the artwork, to backers and the team, the project is strategically placed to be a successful one. Futuristic graphics? Tick. Enjoyable, play AND earn? Tick. Existing community, with a Founders collection already surfing through OpenSea? Tick. Atesis Capital is most certainly excited to dip our toes in the gameplay of Moonray.





Please note the above are my personal views and are not to be taken as financial advice.



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