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5 min readJan 17, 2022

Play to Earn fighting game on the blockchain.

Shall we find out below what has caught our attention with Metaxy, the upcoming P2E fighting game on Binance Smart Chain?

1. Concept

Metaxy is a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn Metaverse NFT fighting game, featuring anime-inspired characters that can be summoned to battle and earn NFTs & $MXY tokens, that will be openly tradable on Decentralised Exchanges, and later Centralised.

Metaxy offers immersive PvE storyline with intense AI-based combat governed by a wide range of Metaxy superheroes, PvP fighting in real-time, as well as Power Challenges and Great Beast fights.

After acquiring their own Metaxy superheroes, the players will be able to continuously upgrade their in-game characteristics to boost them for fighting the Evil Gods. There will be 24 ranks to level up through in total, from E to that super juicy “Beyond”!


Each character has 6 types of skills: Melee, Teleport, Quick-shot, Great, Ultimate and Special. Special skill will unlock upon evolving the character for the first time.

Each character will start from Level 0, that can be upgraded using coins. Once the character reaches the max level, further abilities will be available through “Evolvement”. Through evolvement, players will be able to upgrade their performance, adding a gold star for each level.

Through card chests, players will be able to collect cards, that are equipped in-game for best performance. Impressive stats will be awarded to those who have the best card sets.

Metaxy Marketplace

Metaxy will offer an in-game marketplace (through Metamask or similar) that will allow to freely trade any of your characters, which are deployed as NFTs. Now you truly own a piece of the game!

Play to Earn

We always pay close attention to the Play to Earn loops, as we love seeing the most active players get rewarded. There will be various ways to earn $MXY tokens and in-game NFTs:

2. Roadmap

Taking a closer look at the official project launch, we can see that Metaxy will be playable in Q1 of 2022, shortly after token IDO. Staking for rewards, a live NFT marketplace, various game modes all in 2022, what more could you want?

3. Team & Supporters

Metaxy comes well equipped with 10+ members on the main team, backed by V2B Labs, a company that creates cutting-edge blockchain products and services.

Metaxy’s official production partner is none other than Onegame Studio, established in 2013. Onegame Studio has millions of active users on Apple & Google Play stores and received a prestigious award from Huawei.

As far as VC & launchpad (Game Station, Bin Starter, Koi Starter & DAOLaunch) backing, the team has it well and truly covered:

4. Tokenomics

From the provided vesting schedule, we see that the team has chosen to provide a linear unlock for VCs and other early investors. As illustrated in the tokenomics chart above, there is a great emphasis on in-game rewards & ecosystem fund, which is awesome to see!

Additionally, the team has committed to the project by fully locking up their tokens for 9 months followed by a 30-month linear unlock, and advisors with a 6 month lock up followed by a 12.5% release of tokens quarterly.

This combination will allow for a gradual token distribution and healthy token performance.

Final Words

From the artwork to NFT useability and team’s previous experience, we see Metaxy taking over the blockchain fighting sector and we are most definitely looking forward to seeing the project succeed!

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