Atesis Capital x Metamall

What are the possibilities of a Mall in the metaverse?

We come across many metaverse projects, each with their own unique ideas and twists of that “Ready Player One” experience. So let’s take a look at our latest partnership and find out why Metamall just seems right.

1. Concept

Metamall, built on Solana, aims to provide a VR experience on the blockchain, allowing users to build, explore and trade in their very own virtual mall. There will be a variety of themes, architecture and interactive VR components, and all token holders, called, Metamallers, will have unprecedented access to knowledge and entertainment hubs all in one location.

The possibilities are endless:

  • Car manufacturer can build a car showroom to showcase latest models
  • NFT artists can create galleries to showcase their art available for sale
  • Clothing giants setting up their own stores for Metamallers to shop
  • Cinemas, amusement parks, bowling alleys and many more!

Avatar Creation & Enhancement

Anyone looking to interact with Metamall will have to create or purchase an avatar. The avatars, that come in a form of NFTs, can be enhanced by spending time in the Mall, purchasing rare items and winning various competitions.

Business Model & Earning

OwnershipOwners of the land are able to lease out their owned property inside of Metamall for a fixed fee and enjoy a real estate experience. Additionally, the owners of properties will automatically get rewarded with tokens charged as a fee from visitors proportionate to their ownership % of the Mall.

LeasingBuyers may purchase units and spaces in the VR malls in order to build their own NFT real estate.

AdvertisingOwners of the land may choose to provide marketing opportunities for various companies and charge a fixed fee for displaying ads, banners, etc.

Staking$MALL token holders will be able to stake their tokens for an APY return.

Avatar EarningVisitors can earn via avatar trading in the marketplace.

2. Roadmap

We believe that in order to launch successfully, clear timeframes must be stipulated ahead of project launch. In this case, it is evident that the team has carefully considered the time they have on hand and aim to stay relevant through 2022, with key events scheduled per below:

Q4 2021

  • Metaverse Conceptualisation
  • Seed/Strategic/Private Funding Rounds
  • MALL Token Development

Q1 2022

  • Public Token Sale
  • NFT Marketplace Launch
  • First NFT Real Estate Sale
  • DEX & Private Exchange Listing

Q2 2022

  • Open VR Development SDK Release
  • Metaverse VR Gaming Launch
  • Private VR Experience Launch
  • Second NFT Real Estate Sale
  • Staking Launch

Q3 2022

  • Open VR Development for Owners
  • Launch of Brand Stores and Experiential Centers
  • Scaling of Engagement, Trading, Shopping and Staking

Provided the above timeframes are managed effectively, we see Metamall taking up a portion of the metaverse & VR space in 2022 and beyond.

3. Team & Supporters

  • Serge Gianchandani — Co-Founder. Serge has many years of experience as a founder, and has 12 patents on 3D and VR imagery.
  • Sahan Ray — Advisor. Has led multiple projects with a GMV of more than $200 million.
  • Edouard Faure Cooper — Investor/Advisor. Has great experience leading crypto projects such as Sidus, Netvrk and many more
  • Sundeep — Advisor. Has experience as a Director of Launchpads at Trustswap, as well as connections with influencers such as Altcoin Daily and Satoshi Stacker
  • Maria Prusakova — Investor/Influencer. Is currently the Head of Public Relations at Polygon, and also has co-founding experience

Furthermore, the VC and launchpad partners are shown below, with some reliable backers such as FishDAO and MarsDAO.

4. Tokenomics

The $MALL token is native to the Solana network and is the governance token for the Metamall universe.

Overall, we see a fair token price for various allocation rounds, as well as a comparatively low $ raise of $5 million USD. The vesting schedule also looks promising, as the team has committed to an 18 month cliff, and then daily vesting for 3 years. Talk about dedication!

Obviously, outside of tokenomics on paper, we need to assess the token flow, which will ultimately determine how well the token will perform and how the $MALL token will work within the ecosystem.


  • Paying for rental property
  • Paying for unique VR experiences
  • Trading NFTs on the platform
  • Changing/upgrading in-game Avatars (NFT) with skins, features, etc
  • Acquiring cars, equipment, etc
  • Charging a fixed fee for visitors to enter specific areas of Metamall
  • Voting rights for token holders

All in all, we can determine that the $MALL token is in fact the centerpiece of Metamall.

Final Words

With the current crypto market trends, as well as general shopping/mall craze, we are definitely excited to see the adoption hit Metamall. Who knows — maybe we’ll even see some big retail players in the space, or art galleries where your only access is through being a Metamaller.

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Please note the above are our personal views and are not to be taken as financial or investment advice.



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