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The next Play-to-earn Streetfighter on the blockchain!

1. Concept

The goal of MetaFighter is to become the best fighting game on the blockchain. Being a Play-to-Earn game, dedication and consistency will be rewarded heavily in MetaFighter. Furthermore, you are able to earn without playing the game through renting and advertising. This will be further explored below.

Core features

Arcade Fighting — The main feature of MetaFighter, and it is divided into 3 main game modes:

  • PvP: Can be a 1v1 or 3v3
  • PvE: Fight against a computer opponent to master your combos
  • Tournament: Special events where you are able to win big prizes

NFT — All assets (fighters, arenas, skins and super powers) are dynamic NFTs, meaning you have true ownership of those assets. These are all able to be traded in MetaFighter’s own marketplace

Tokens — Metafighter’s in-game token $FIGHT can be held or staked for various benefits such as receiving Fighters, skins and unique items

Revenue for players

The revenue stream for players come from 5 main sources:

Fight to Earn — The main income stream is through playing the game, against other players or computers

Lend NFTs — You are able to earn passive income through renting out your Fighters or Arenas to other players

Arena advertisements — If you own an arena, you can earn an income through advertising

Staking — Staking your $FIGHT tokens will give you extra benefits, including new Fighters, skins and unique items

NFT selling — Selling your assets through the marketplace will also contribute to your revenue

Token holder benefits

The players of Metafighter can either hold or stake their $FIGHT tokens and NFTs for various benefits. The staking duration varies from 30–50 days

  • Holding/Staking $FIGHT will allow you to earn bonus EXP when playing
  • Staking fighter NFTs will allow you to earn a new Fighter
  • Staking skins will reward you with new skins or equipment for your fighter
  • Staking superpowers can earn you a new superpower

2. Roadmap

For Q1, the roadmap consists of token related events such as TGE and listings on major DEXs. Minting fighter NFTs will also commence.

The roadmap for the rest of 2022 consists of everything surrounding a successful launch of the game — marketing, promotions, partnerships as well as rigorous testing of the game itself.

The beta release and full game launch dates are in Q3 and Q4 of 2022 respectively.

3. Team & Backers

Metafighter’s team are fully doxxed and are very well suited to lead the company to success. Their core members are:

  • Serkan Duman: CEO and founder. An entrepreneur with a strong passion for crypto that specialises in early investments
  • Viktoria Mikhno: Chief Technology Officer. Has a deep background as a software developer with over 7 years experience
  • Alexander Shurygin: Chief Operating Officer. Also has many years experience as a game and web developer
  • Sebastian Spitzer: Project manager
  • Dmitriy Lykov: Blockchain developer
  • Vladislav Selemenev: Lead game developer

The backers of Metafighter are also very promising, with the majority of them being VCs with a good track record:

4. Tokenomics

The $FIGHT token serves as an in-game currency that allows players to trade in the marketplace. It is also a governance token and both holding it or staking it can give extra benefits such as bonus exp and earning NFTs. It is planned to be listed on the major DEXs in Q1 of this year.

With the tokens unlocked for the team after 12 months, it instils confidence in investors that they are committed to the success of the game. Furthermore, the $FIGHT token has a fundamental use case to progress through the game, thus it will disincentivise any major sell offs.

5. Final words

Hundreds of P2E games are due to release over 2022 so expect a lot of competition in the gaming space. We are confident that Metafighters will be one of the biggest games of 2022 with its diverse P2E mechanisms, incredible visuals and unique gameplay.

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