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Powering a socialise-to-earn mechanism in the Metaverse

1. Concept

Gamium seeks to become the first Social Engine of the metaverse, a platform where users are able to create and provide social features to the metaverses. Gamium will use a Socialise-to-Earn model, offering content creators many monetary benefits compared to traditional social media apps, completely revamping the social landscape of Web 2.0.

Core features

Avatars — Avatars are integral in utilising the core functions of Gamium’s ecosystem. In creating one, you will be automatically minting an avatar NFT with its associated unique ID.

Jobs — Avatars are able to apply to job offers within the Gamium ecosystem. Each job will have a name, description, remuneration, objectives and requisites.

  • Jobs can also have conditional rewards, where users will be rewarded only when certain tasks are complete (instead of an hourly wage, for example)

IMOs — Initial Metaverse Offerings will be possible in Gamium’s ecosystem. These can be analogous to crowdfunding campaigns where avatars are able to invest in new projects, communities or avatars

DeFi — Gamium DeFi is used to boost the Gamium economy and carry out activities such as collateralisation to leverage your net worth in the metaverses.


An integral part of the Gamium ecosystem is being able to earn rewards for socialising, which includes interacting with content (liking and commenting), creating content, and moderating.

An average user of the platform can be compared to an investor — to interact with content, you must pay a certain amount. In doing so you will get rewarded a certain amount that is contingent on the quality of the content. Furthermore, to incentivise discovering and supporting new creators, you will be rewarded a lot more for interacting with content from new creators that become viral.

2. Roadmap

The major focus for Q1 are two things: the release of the Gamium token $GMM and the Avatar NFT Generation Event. They recently partnered with Vent Finance to use as a launchpad for the $GMM token.

The rest of 2022 will be focused on incremental releases to help build up and complete the ecosystem, the most important being the NFT marketplace, Defi and IMO integrations and the Socialise-to-Earn integrations.

Gamium is schedule for beta release in Q3 2022 and a public release for Q4 2022.

3. Team & Supporters

The majority of the team have co-founded companies in the crypto/blockchain industry :

  • Alberto Rosas — Co-CEO. Alberto is an experienced software engineer/blockchain developer that has been in the crypto space since 2016
  • Alejandro Rosas — Co-CEO. Alejandro has also been in the crypto space since 2016, with experience as a Data Scientist in a Big Tech Company in Silicone Valley
  • Roberto de Arquer — Chief Metaverse Officer. Proven history of enhancing Data Driven operations
  • David Miralles — Chief Finance Officer. Over 10 years of experience as an investor specialising in market analysis
  • Sergio Céspedes — Chief Technology Officer. Over 30 years experience of technical and managerial experience developing projects
  • Carlos Garcia — Chief Information Officer. Computer engineer with over 7 years of experience
  • Joan Sosa — Chief Operating Officer. Has been a consultant in multi-national companies since his crypto journey 5 years ago
  • Mikel Rekondo — Art director. Double major in Concept Art and 3D Animation/VFX, has been working in many big projects.

When it comes to VC and launchpad backing:

  • Vent
  • Master Ventures
  • Magnus Capital
  • ZBS Capital
  • Venly
  • Peech Capital
  • And many others, including Atesis Capital!

4. Tokenomics

Gamium utilises a two-token model for its ecosystem: $GMM and $MST


A medium-of-exchange token that also serves as a governance token. $GMM is necessary to exchange between different metaverse currencies within the Gamium ecosystem

  • It will be unlocked gradually over a 24 month period which is usually longer than most projects. This ensures that sharp declines in price will be kept to a minimum
  • Lock-ups are 6 months long for the team and advisors, suggesting they are committed to the success of Gamium


The reward token used to distribute the earnings to the users and creators. It is also the utility token used to create and interact with content

  • The tokenomics of this token has not yet been released

Final Words

Gamium is seeking to innovate the social-media industry by merging it with the metaverse. With a socialise-to-earn aspect, users will be incentivised to create high levels of engagement with content which is fantastic for overall growth. We are convinced that Gamium will become a very successful Social Engine of the metaverse.

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