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Fight of the Ages — DOTA on blockchain steroids?

We come across many P2E projects, but none of them quite like FOTA. Let’s find out below what makes it so special!

1. Concept

With a huge influx of new blockchain gaming projects, it is difficult to stand out. FOTA aims to be a Play to Earn, Triple-A MOBA game by combining the real world with a virtual world, not only delivering the best 3D gaming experience, but also empowering players to role play and make their characters unique. Through the implemented technology, which we will explore below, players will be able to interact with one another in FOTA’s metaverse in real-time.

Game Modes

FOTA, on Binance Smart Chain (for lower transaction fees) will feature various game modes, from PVE, to PVP and Duels, Tournaments and Clan battles.

The team will introduce automatic matchmaking, which will scan players for similar parameters and skills, providing a fair play platform. This will allow for smoother, more rewarding gameplay, that will also reward players with skill points and $FOTA tokens, that can be used to upgrade heroes or traded for fiat.


FOTA metaverse will encapsulate a wide range of races, that will add variety and resonate with each player in unique ways:

  • The Omni — Elegant form with the ability to master the use of “Aether” energy in the form of magic.
  • The Dragon — Airborne mystical creatures of the Greenland world, described as having large bodies and wings that allow soaring through the skies.
  • The Elf — Strong and flexible, living by the principles of protecting nature, which allows them to use “Aether” for fighting and protection.
  • The Keen — Amalgamations created from “Aether” and minerals from the Earth. They are surrounded by the most durable metals, giving them an indestructible body.
  • The Human — High social and intelligence skills, most populous race on Earth.
  • The Demon — Beings that crave “Aether” in the world of Nightmare. Rumors say that Demons are corrupted Omnis.
  • The Beast — Native inhabitants of the Nightmare. Fierce race with extraordinary endurance.
  • The Ogre — Ogres were born from Demon’s dark magic and Human’s intelligence and social skills.


In addition to the 8 races, there are also 8 classes added for variety and gameplay functionality:

  • Mage — Specialises in destructive skills through use of magic, derived from “Aether”. Effective in medium to long range battles, but ineffective in short range due to spell casting times.
  • Priest — Buffing unit with low battle parameters, with core aim of recovering and reducing damage received by allies. Effective against the dark power.
  • Warlock — Able to use pure and dark energy from “Aether”, dealing significant damage. Requires protection from other classes due to physical weakness.
  • Warrior — Elite warriors trained for effective combat, suitable for melee positions. Strength derived from physical properties, rather than magical.
  • Chemist — Debuffing support unit that uses “Aether” to negatively impact the opponent. Able to buff the attack line.
  • Hunter — Carries bow and arrows or rifles, able to attack from range. Deep connection with nature, enabling animal “summoning” for companionship.
  • Assassin — Dauntless killer. Increased damage by combining physical skills with magic buffs. Requires cover or rugged terrain due to poor defence parameters.
  • Mech — Advanced destructive weapons, what more do you need to know?

World Map

To welcome the players, there will be 3 realms, each perfected for the class & race selected:

  • Greenland Realm (Omni, Dragons)
  • Earth Realm (Human, Elf, Keen)
  • Nightmare Realm (Demon, Beast, Ogre)

NFT Assets (Heroes, Skins, Items, FOTALand)

Players will be able to purchase Level 0 heroes from FOTA Marketplace. Through various quests and battles, heroes can level up and ultimately become stronger and more valuable, as an NFT asset that can be traded directly with other players on the platform.

Each hero will have three fixed skills, upgradeable through levelling up. These skills will be tied to the selection made while purchasing a hero early on, with the below as an example:

Each time a heroes is levelled up, a small fee will need to be paid. These fees will be used entirely to create liquidity at the farming pools. Additionally, players will be able to lock their heroes with a permanent lock, which will allow them to receive additional profits from FOTALand.

Being an NFT focused project — an element of tiers has been added, from Common through to Legendary. The Common heroes are the ones purchased in the marketplace, while the Rare/Epic/Legendaries will be acquired through an alchemy ability and many hours of gameplay.

Players will also have an ability to conquer 30 land plots on 3 different planets mentioned earlier — Greenland, Earth and Nightmare Realms. These conquered plots will in turn become unique NFTs. Through owning a clan and a plot, the owners will receive 1% of total profits. Talk about passive income! Plot owners will additionally have an ability to sell or rent the land.

Does FOTA have hero skins? Absolutely. Being an NFT, you truly own these skins. Gone are the days of paying thousands of dollars for a knife that you don’t own — the skins will be verified by the blockchain and openly tradeable!

Marketplace & Wallet

FOTA will feature in-house, decentralised marketplace and wallet that will allow players to rent and trade NFTs. Tradeable items will include:

  • Heroes
  • FOTALand
  • Skins
  • Various other items

The marketplace will also offer a rent to play feature for those that require heroes, items and skins, but do not have the funds or time to “grind”. With this feature, committed and dedicated players that have invested their time are able to earn passive income by charging a fee for listed items.

For each transaction, a 10% fee will occur, split up in 3 parts — 3% for developers (revenue stream), 2% for referral and 5% for the Treasury. The treasury will act as an anti-inflation fund that will buy back and burn the first NFTs listed for sale every quarter. The $FOTA tokens that are not used are burned at the end of each quarter.

Mixed Reality Technology (First of a kind!)

FOTA integrates Microsoft Mesh technology, a platform built by Microsoft Corporation to explore and experience metaverse in the best way to date. It is the world’s first platform that fully supports Mixed Reality technology.

In Mixed Reality, real and virtual worlds interact with each other, where real world acts as a “base” layer for what you see, with the virtual layer plugged in to allow for those beautiful game elements to show.

FOTA have been working closely with Microsoft, one of the backers, to provide the best gaming experience possible. No fake promises here, only execution and commitment.

To top it off, the game is built on Unity 3D Engine and feature an in-house framework that ensures operation is smooth, stable and capable of receiving updates. We will also see simultaneous release on iOS, Android, WebGL, Windows and macOS platforms, meaning no target audience is left out.

2. Roadmap/Development Plan

As we can see from the roadmap featured above, the initial game plan started with orientation and research commencing in 2015. Fast forward 7 years, the team has committed to a plan of execution, having completed majority of the artwork, business research, documentation, auditing and socials.

As you may know, we always look out for official project/product launch dates, and we were pleasantly surprised to see that the Alpha release is scheduled for Q2 2022, great news for a project of this caliber!

The roadmap is action packed with release of FotaWallet, hybrid staking (allows players to farm $FOTA tokens at a profit ratio of 2.5 through providing liquidity to a Liquidity Pair), new heros, skins, functions DEX/CEX listings, clan wars and Worlds Saga.

3. Team & Supporters

FOTA’s team has over 10 years of experience in the technology field and more than 5 years in the blockchain space. In addition, the team includes individuals from Microsoft, Riot Games & Kixeye and have received Technical Awards from Microsoft.

Core team members are:

Duc Trinh (CEO)

  • CEO & Co-Founder at Meta Djinn
  • Investment Advisor at Hobbit Venture Investment
  • Chairman at D.lion Media and Solutions

Binh Nguyen (COO/CPO)

  • Principal Engineer at KIXEYE STUDIO under Stillfront Group
  • Technical Consulting Architect at VNG Corporation
  • COO at

Ryan Nguyen (CTO)

  • Senior Security Specialist at Microsoft APAC
  • Senior Security Expert at Vodafone
  • Top 200 most talented engineers globally under “Microsoft Aspire Program”
  • Top 3 to win a Microsoft APAC’s “Technology Solutions Excellence Awards 2020”
  • Speaker at Microsoft events in 2020 & 2021

Minh Hoang (Art Director)

  • Principal Artist at KIXEYE STUDIO under Stillfront Group


  • Viktor Larionov — CEO @ Priority Token
  • Stephanie Nijssen — Co-Founder @ Stakez Capital
  • Yuen Wong — CEO @ LABS Group
  • Tom Ngo — CFO @ Eon Advisory

Well experienced team, but let’s have a look at the official backers and investors of the project:

We can confidently say that FOTA is backed by some of the strongest companies and Venture Capitals in the space — and it makes perfect sense.

We can also confirm that the team has appeared on Binance Live, providing a project overview and grabbing even more attention from the big guys and associated communities.

4. Tokenomics

Carefully thought out tokenomics are crucial to any project’s success. The team at FOTA has put together one of the most detailed schedules seen to date, outlining the private token release schedule, sale round info, as well as where exactly those privately raised funds will be going.

From the above schedule, we can see that vesting schedules span from 5 months for Initial DEX Offering allocations (yes, not 100% unlock at TGE that generally negatively impacts the project), through to 24 months for Foundation. What the tokenomics tell us is that the project is angled towards long term success, rather than a pump and dump fueled by those early investors and VCs. Additionally, 65% of overall token supply is reserved for game rewards, meaning the Play to Earn element will be heavily utilised, incentivising the players and users, rather than investors, to participate.

Through the provided pie chart above, we can also see great emphasis on ecosystem growth, as well as marketing. The marketing allocation will allow the team to reach a greater audience (something much needed in the crypto space), with the ecosystem growth allocation allowing for the expansion of FOTA metaverse.

Inflation has also become a painful problem when token circulation exceeds the market demand. That’s why the team has decided to retain single token structure (as opposed to Axie’s AXS/SLP combo, as an example). This allows for closer monitoring of a single token, and with an introduction of a Treasury, quick action can be taken to retain the supply & demand pattern. Additionally, token holders will partake in any important decisions through a DAO, which further ensures tokens are kept in the right hands.

Admittedly, for the token to perform well, it must be tied into the project’s ecosystem and token flow, and we also don’t see any shortcomings on this end — $FOTA token drives all in-game activities.

Final Words

From the concept all the way through to tokenomics, FOTA shows professionalism and top notch execution. We are extremely excited for this groundbreaking project to hit the blockchain and truly redefine the Play to Earn gaming sector forever.



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