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Promising medieval metaverse in development since 2018

At Atesis Capital, we often come across futuristic game designs with breathtaking graphics, but rarely visit the past centuries of kingdoms, knights, farming and battles of forged weaponry. That’s why we’re so excited about BLOCKLORDS!

1. Concept

BLOCKLORDS, at its core, is an expansive game where players can explore the land, farm resources and battle other players — reminiscent of Firefly’s Stronghold: Crusader, and while the generation that enjoyed Crusader many years ago may have outgrown playing games, we think it’s about time for a new Medieval jewel to take the crown, but this time on web3.


As a new player, you will enter the world as a farmer, able to gather your resources from the untapped land parcels and refine those into valuable assets.

Upon levelling up your Farmer, you will be given a choice of a new path — Knight or Raider. Knights pledge fealty to a Lord, protect other farmers from attacks, and receive salaried payments for every Raider they kill. On the other hand, raiders attack innocent farmers, steal their resources, and embrace the mayhem throughout the Kingdoms.

Above them sit Lords and Ladies — those responsible for each city’s management and planning, ensuring farmers and warriors are both happy and prosperous. They will be able to set taxes to fund city’s growth, as well as defend the city against other rival Lords and Raiders across the map. A lot of responsibility will lie upon the Lords, and those given the task must be wise and diplomatic with their actions.


BLOCKLORDS will soon begin whitelisting players for its first digital asset sale. Players who meet the participation requirements and register for the whitelist will be eligible to participate in a raffle of Heroes hailing from BLOCKLORDS’ Great Houses, which will start to populate the entire ecosystem with unique characters. Check out BLOCKLORDS’ social channels below for more information coming soon!

Additionally, players will be able to get started for free by registering and receiving their own Farmer. Even this basic Hero is one-of-a-kind.

Upon leveling up, players will unlock new options for their Farmers and can even start their own family.


Each Hero in BLOCKLORDS has a limited lifespan and must continue their legacy through lineage. In order for that to happen, players must find a suitable partner to create heirs that will inherit their unique traits and attributes.

2. Roadmap/Development Plan

BLOCKLORDS is still in early release phase. Features and timelines are subject to change based on technology advancements and player experience. The current roadmap can be found in the BLOCKLORDS Whitepaper, pictured below:

In 5 years time, the team envisions BLOCKLORDS becoming the top online strategy Web3 game in the space, with millions of users and the IP having grown to include streaming shows as episodic TV series where the players feature as their hero assets. Awesome to see a team that is forward thinking of licensing, as well as franchising.

3. Team & Supporters

The BLOCKLORDS team, MetaKing Studios, consists of an expert team of designers and developers who come from studios including EA, Ubisoft, Paradox, Creative Assembly and others, and have worked with Universal, Disney, Netflix and Apple — you get the picture!

The MetaKing Studios team has been featured in over 500+ global PR pieces, from Tech Times to Market Watch — shining even more light on the project ahead of launch, with more to come ahead of the whitelist.

BLOCKLORDS has been able to secure some of the best backing we have seen to date. From Animoca Brands, Delphi, Huobi Ventures, to Republic and other Tier 1 VCs; to guilds, such as YGG and launchpads like Polkastarter. We are confident the partners on board will see the future success of the game. We’ve even heard there may be other exciting names involved… Stay tuned for more info!

4. Tokenomics

The tokenomics section of our articles generally talks about token sustainability, as well as available use cases of the token/s to ensure that the tokens sit at the core of a project and provides value, rather than just being the face of a name without core utilities.

While it is still early to discuss the tokenomics of BLOCKLORDS, as no information is currently available, we tend to believe that based on project detailing, as well as team’s outlook, the token will revolve around the gameplay, providing an essential web3 layer to the project.

Final Words

We find it easy to love a project like BLOCKLORDS, especially being avid “Stronghold: Crusader” fans. From the concept, to team developing the project for nearly 5 years to date and backers with a wealth of knowledge, to MetaKing Studios’ experience & network — we see BLOCKLORDS becoming the epitome of the medieval gaming sector on web3.








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