Atesis Capital X Age of Tanks

Next generation of P2E gaming?

From the banner above, you can probably tell we have formed an Advisory & Strategic partnership with the next generation P2E project, Age of Tanks. What has caught our eye with this first of a kind project? Find out below!

1. Concept

Age of Tanks is a 3D turn based strategy game, where players are given an opportunity for endless combinations between a hatch, gun, hull and engine. Why do we think of this as an opportunity? Every combination has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s almost like you can predetermine the result! These tank parts are either scavenged, collected or forged and then assembled, ready for PVE Campaigns, PVP Battle Conquers and Guild Battles.

We highly suggest you check out the “IronClad Paper”, as you definitely do not want to miss the technicals between each selection you will ultimately make — each determining your fate on the battlefield.

What adds another twist is the rarity component of your NFT tanks (yes, you actually own them!), where higher rarity (rare, epic, legendary and mystic) items provide larger bonuses, boosts in stats, as well as a shot at claiming to be the Dominus of Earth Zero through owning Mystic parts. And on top of that, these items can be forged and traded in the in-game marketplace. Awesome.

The game features do not end at the above, and the IronClad Paper also discusses:

  • Warchests
  • Earth Zero Land (income through “renting out” arenas)
  • Brodium (in-game resource for various activities (not a token))
  • Energy
  • Card Battle System
  • Bonus Offensive and Defensive Abilities
  • And many more features

When we talk about Play to Earn gaming, we have to touch on the game flow and utility of the token, as well as how well the actual token ties into the game. Based on our discussions with the team, these guys have it down pat!:

Let me tell you — we got a little sneak peek into the game and based on so much variety and so many features, it was hard to stop playing!

2. Roadmap

When it comes to Roadmap, the AOT team has put together a detailed overview of what’s planned, up until Q2 of 2022:

Key milestones for us?:

  • Token launch Q4 2021
  • NFT market place Q4 2021
  • Land sale Q1 2022
  • Game public launch Q1 2022

What do the above dates mean? The game will be ready to play very soon, as opposed to many other gaming projects, which do not have definitive launch dates. This really sets Age of Tanks, being a 3D game, apart from competition!

3. Team & Supporters

At the core of every project is the team and key supporters, where we do not see any shortcomings. The team, over in Singapore, runs a gaming studio called Defination (

What we see different here is the team’s long term approach, main goal being to create a gaming ecosystem (with Age of Tanks being the flagship project), where players, creators and investors can come together to enjoy one game or another. You have to see it to believe it — we were very impressed.

Currently, there are 9 in house individuals working on the project, with many more behind closed doors smashing out the finer details — from partnerships, to marketing and any future project tie-ins (there are plenty more surprises not discussed in this article).

Defination has set an approach to their work ethics — Blue Pill or Red Pill. What this means for us, is that the team has committed to be on the front foot of game development, always exploring new ways to engage the community and work alongside great people. Their ultimate dream is coming to fruition. Don’t we all love crypto.

Team’s visionBuilt by Gamers, For Gamers.

Team’s missionTo Create. To Inspire. To Reward.

Strategic partnerships have been formed, from top-tier launchpads, such as Seedify & Enginstarter (IDOs are around the corner, more on the team’s socials) to investors and partners in the know, such as Metaplay, STEP, Babylons, Shima Capital (+many others!) and of course, Atesis Capital. We are sure that the team will have support from all of us for many years to come.

4. Tokenomics

We hope you are still reading this, because the team once again does not fall short. At the heart of the game, the fuel that feeds those engines, is the $A.O.T token, built on BSC chain. Essentially — the token can be earned by players for completing various tasks and winning battles and ultimately brings a fair and transparent payment system. By staking $A.O.T, a DeFi portion of the project is “unlocked” where the players earn a certain percentage, which is yet to be determined, based on the game’s revenue. Another green tick.

We’ll add in some snapshots below, but in a nutshell — everything, including tokenomics, speaks long term vision. Even the core team does not start receiving tokens until May 2022, and the gradual investor’s releases will be softened by adoption.

Overall, the market conditions and demand have been considered, which will aim to mitigate any pump and dump scenarios we see so often in current climate. Additionally, the team will be implementing an Automated Market Maker, as seen in the roadmap above.

Initial Market Cap: $600,000 (very low!)

Fully Diluted Market Cap: $30,000,000 (also very low)

Final Words

Age of Tanks ticks all the right boxes for us — from the concept, to the team behind the beast and the tokenomics.

Are you going to see us in the game? Absolutely.


IronClad Paper:





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Please note the above are my personal views and are not to be taken as financial advice.



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